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Three Original Windows Games

Those who have been using Windows games for more than the past few years are probably well-acquainted with at least one of the three major games that came on the older machines. Solitaire, minesweeper and hearts are all popular games that could be found on Windows systems for years upon years. What’s interesting about those games is that Microsoft never put them on there as a form of entertainment, they were each teaching aids of one type.

Master Mouse Skills

Both Minesweeper and Solitaire were included on the very early Windows machines as a way to teach mouse skills. Minesweeper demands precise clicking, and forces the user to both right and left click. By playing the game over an extended period users can become familiar with how the mouse works, and more comfortable manipulating computer objects. Solitaire was introduced for the very same reasons. You have to be able to manipulate the cards on the computer screen as you play these games. If you want to be successful with the game you will have to at least understand how to move a mouse cursor around and click, two vital skills to using a computer successfully for most common tasks

Teach Digital Communication

When digital communication was becoming more popular and the Internet was beginning to gain in use amongst computer owners Hearts was released. This game allowed players to talk back and forth to one another while they played the game. It was this feature of the game that was the important one to Windows developers, and why the game was included on computers to begin with. As users played through the games, they slowly got used to digital communication and how easy it is to talk back and forth over a computer, rather than a telephone.

Angry Fans

Now that you know that Windows never introduced those early games as real forms of entertainment, but more as teaching aids, it makes more sense that the software company tried to phase out the games over time. They had difficulty doing so because of fan outrage each and every time that they tried to. That’s why the games have remained on computers for so many years. It shows that there are plenty of dedicated fans to the games, and why shouldn’t there be. The games are simple to play, relaxing and quite enjoyable all at the same time.

While the Windows games have been removed from the most modern Windows machines as standard software that comes with the systems, they can still be added on easily through the accompanying app store. It’s likely that there will be fans of the games for decades to come, and that they will continue to be offered for just as long. The next time that you play one of these games, think about how they were some of the most clever teaching aids released in the past few decades.


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