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Play Mobile Solitaire On Your Phone

In an age when most people own mobile devices, and computers are in most households, it shouldn’t be surprising that more people are playing mobile solitaire on these devices than they are using real physical cards, especially for games like solitaire that require a lot of setup. It’s just easier to press the button and instantly start playing the game, rather than laying out all the cards on a table. There are mobile versions of most types of solitaire today, and playing one is simple and easy to do, offering a bunch of advantages over playing with physical cards.

Bring Games with You Anywhere

While you could easily carry a set of playing cards with you and pull them out whenever you’re a bit bored, it’s not so easy to find a place to lay them all out to begin playing. Imagine trying to do this in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Unless you carry around a small fold-out table as well, you really wouldn’t have to many good spots to set up a full game of cards when the mood strikes you. It’s much more convenient to be able to pull out a smartphone or tablet and start playing a game right on the screen. It takes up less space, and leaves you with just as satisfying of an experience.

Rules are Taken Care of for You

When you play on a mobile device it’s much the same as playing on a computer. The program understands all the rules and ensures that you stick with them. Not only does this make it easy to learn a new variation of the card game, but it also helps keep you honest as you play. When you play with cards you could cheat whenever you want to. When you play on a device you’re stuck playing by the rules throughout the entire game.

Pick up Where You Left off

One of the biggest perks of enjoying a game of solitaire on your mobile device is that you can save your position in the game and continue to go back to it time after time. Most versions of solitaire take 15 or more minutes to complete, and both Klondike and FreeCell can take over an hour on some of the more challenging games. With that type of time commitment it’s nice being able to go back and play a little bit at a time anywhere that you are. More games can be finished in this way, and there’s no need to sit down and play a challenging game from start to finish, which makes walking away from it for a few minutes a bit easier.

Tablets Work Best

While you can easily play mobile solitaire on your phone, there are so many different cards to watch over and to look through while playing a solitaire game, that it makes more sense to play on a tablet device. Tablets offer more screen real-estate, and offer more life-like card sizes to work with. They’re ideal for players that have difficulty reading smaller text. The larger screen size makes playing with bigger cards possible, but also makes it easy to scan all the available cards and look for the right move to make. There is a variety of tablet apps that can be used to experience most of the common solitaire variations.
Now that you know all the benefits of playing solitaire on a mobile device you can take out that mobile device and look to see what options are available to you. You’ll be surprised by all the different apps that have been released.


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