How to Love Learning: educational games for all ages

The phrase ‘educational games’ might seem a bit of an oxymoron – after all, education happens in the classroom and games happen in your free time – but in fact, the research is clear: we all learn more, faster, and retain that learning, when we do it through an enjoyable medium. That’s why so many facts we know are based on rhymes (Remember, remember, the fifth of November…), from board games (how many adults base their knowledge of London on Monopoly?) or from what we see in films (Braveheart being, of course, an excellent source of historical accuracy).

Essentially, we understand and remember things better when we’ve enjoyed discovering them. Kids are no different. Our hope, by developing educational games for online platforms, is to help children of all ages expand their understanding and confidence in a range of topics, as well as engaging them in fun, new and interesting ways. It’s not rocket science – in fact, society has been making use of game techniques for hundreds of years.

For instance, nursery rhymes are a fantastic way of introducing children to new words, to the idea of rhyming, to the skill of visualisation (creating a picture from words you read or hear – a crucial aspect of memory development). TV programs designed for youngsters often include a combination of educational and social lessons. At this level, educational games – tasks rooted in knowledge and comprehension – are the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

How can games help my child learn?

Why do you give children the chance to play hopscotch? What’s the time, Mister Wolf? Easter egg hunts? Because all these activities develop some skill or ability – whether it’s a sense of balance, telling the time, or working out puzzles and problem-solving. The majority of games that children take part in when they’re young involve teaching them crucial lessons about teamwork, social values and turn-taking, and as adults we recognise the importance of them developing these skills.

But gaming just about non-academic education; they can be used to promote a child’s understanding, interest and abilities within any given discipline.

Learning takes place at every stage of a child’s life, from recognising faces as a baby through to discovering textures, tastes and shapes as a toddler, and finally learning speech, spelling and abstract concepts like emotions. Accordingly, there are educational activities to suit every part of a child’s development, such as musical or maths games, literacy and social skills games.

What’s more, thanks to the dawn of the digital age, these educational activities are moving from the physical world to the technological. Not all – because children still need to develop fine motor skills and dexterity – but many educational gaming concepts have made the move to the realms of computers, mobiles and tablets, meaning they can reach an even wider audience and be enjoyed or practised anytime, anywhere.

Gaming covers a plethora of skills and abilities, from memory to decoding to recognition. Can they pick out all the red fish? Can they spell a word within a given time frame? Can they say what an object is called? What’s more, they’re incredibly easy to adapt to suit each individual child, because games that are easy can be upgraded to more challenging levels whilst games which present more of a challenge can be tried every day. (Playing games also develops the concepts of perseverance and determination, not to mention a competitive attitude.)

What games are available?

Our aim is to offer a wide selection of educational games for your children to enjoy and learn from at their own time and pace. We ‘ve worked closely with educational professionals to develop a range of activities for both younger and older children to enhance their learning, closely matched to their needs and abilities, so you know they’re always getting the most out of each game.

For younger learners our most popular game is our Nursery Rhymes app which teaches children famous nursery rhymes; this in turn helps them develop their spoken and phonic skills, practises their ability to recognise and predict words and word patterns, and also gives them the opportunity to show off their creative side by singing along to the rhymes. This is a great feature to use in the evenings and weekends when your little one wants some quality ‘down time’, and singing the songs to them afterwards works a treat at helping them drop off to sleep!

For older learners, more serious topics are our focus, with Maths and English top of the list. Both vital subjects at secondary school level, our apps are designed to engage learners and keep their interest in order to enhance their understanding of literature texts, techniques, spellings and literacy skills, as well as basic times tables knowledge, recapping key rules and formulae and offering puzzle-solving opportunities.

Every app is created to function on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to allow your child to engage, enjoy and learn regardless of where they are. With colourful animations, music and high-quality graphics, it’s our intention to create useful, interesting and appealing educational games that will instil a love of learning in anyone who plays them.

An educational adventure for every child

For a fantastic outlet for your son or daughter’s creativity, imagination and enthusiasm for knowledge and understanding, try one of our educational gaming apps today and begin their journey to a more engaged, motivated educational lifestyle. With backing from research institutes, colleges and education professionals alike, games are fast becoming the way forward for getting students motivated both inside and outside the classroom.

By using technology as a means to get children interested, we’re allowing a new generation of learners the chance to build on skills through fun and enjoyment. Although the format is different for digital activities, the skills required – and learned – are the same. Using our apps in tandem with classroom learning, physical activities and quality play time – whether that’s using board games, toys or with other children – can help your child develop in leaps and bounds.

So start them off on a journey they’ll never forget and download our educational games apps today!