solitaire rules made simple

Simple Solitaire Rules

Solitaire can be as simple or as complicated as you make it out to be. But if you want a relaxing experience it’s best to know some basic rules and to stick with them more or less the entire time that you play the game. Here’s an overview of the basic solitaire rules that will improve your chances of success, while helping the game to remain simple and easy to play, not advanced tactics are here, but enough to get you started properly.

Highest to Lowest and Opposite Suits

The only two rules you really need to understand to be able to play most of the way through a game of solitaire is that you put the low cards under the high ones, and that the cards have to change from red to black and back again as you stack them down the board, (also known as the tableau). When you understand these two rules, you can easily manipulate your cards around to where you need them, and create situations where you can potentially win the game.

Take from the Biggest Piles

Whenever you can, remove cards from the biggest pile and spread them out throughout your board. This is the section that holds most of your additional cards and it’s the one that you want to work on breaking down. When you have a few different options to pick from, it’s often good to pick the large pile first.

pile of playing cards

Use Your Board Cards First

With every move that you make you can either move around cards on the playing board, or you can take cards out of your draw pile and put them out onto the board. It’s always best to use the board cards when it’s possible to do so. This is how you set up the game for you to be successful, and it’s what you’ll have to do to begin moving cards up to the Ace piles and getting toward the finish of the game itself.

Ace Piles Come Last

While your ultimate goal is to get all your cards in the Ace piles that you form up top, other than the ace cards and the 2’s themselves you shouldn’t toss a bunch of additional cards up top. Putting too many of your cards at the top will limit your moves and your ability to get cards around the board so that you can open up the ones you need. It’s better to wait as long as you can, and only to move cards up top when you notice a major benefit to doing so.

If you follow each of these solitaire rules you should come to see solitaire as a simple game that’s enjoyable to play. There are more advanced tactics and a whole bunch of situational rules as well, but most of these only serve to complicate a game that can be very relaxing and straightforward when played properly.



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