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Online Card Games

We all fancy a quick hour to kill with a popular game to play, and nothing comes better than the traditional card game. They have all stood the test of time, with rules that have evolved over time – and they are now in the digital world, available to play on our computers or wherever we go via mobile.

The choices are vast, and selection can sometimes be difficult.

We all have our favourites, but other games can be more user friendly, meaning that we may have to drift elsewhere and learn. Not always of course – if poker, for example is your thing, then you’re in luck – the options are endless!

Here we list some of the more popular games that can be enjoyed on many platforms and some of which are also popular on social media, so that you can enjoying playing with (and against) your friends and family.


Let’s face it, poker is the big bad boy – the king of card games. It goes back a long, long way and has been converted and changed into many different playing styles over the centuries. The internet hasn’t diverted from that – many, many different forms of poker can be found online.

Games like Perfect Poker and Poker Mob are both accessible on the Facebook platform and have enormous numbers of members, ensuring that there is also an opponent and table to play on. The beauty of the social media outlet means that games can be played in a more friendly fashion and with less real potential of any financial risk.

This also allows for a different environment of play – in that tables can vary immensely graphically, and chips can be found in much greater numbers, with massive variations in stakes available on different tables. Likewise, with Poker Mob, a gangster style theme has been incorporated. These changes in game design and visual style really add to the excitement and can put us in another place for many entertaining hours.

Of course, poker games don’t stop with social media. Party Poker and Virgin Poker are among some of the biggest real gambling games on the web, with many of their own variations on play to be found, from standard deals to Texas Hold ‘Em. All mainstream sites feature their own poker games, including 888Poker and Sky, Betfair and PaddyPower – the list is endless.


While sometimes referred to as Patience in England, solitaire, like poker, has exploded in popularity all across the web. Once remembered as a fixture of the Windows operating system, it can now be found in millions of different playable formats, on every different platform.

Facebook incarnations are also rife. Games like Spider Solitaire allows for players’ to experience one of their favourite games in a fast and beautiful environment. The rules are often altered in order to allow competitive play against other social media users. It is this style of play that makes the game ever more popular.

And, like poker, solitaire games are not limited to Facebook. Just like other mainstream gambling games, solitaire can be found everywhere, with easy and hard options. If you want to gamble hard, and play your best game, then you can rest assured the game will be popular on many websites, as listed on poker.

Other Games

Online card games are everywhere. You don’t have to settle for a Facebook incarnation, or a serious gambling site – there are free card games available to play against online users or artificial intelligent opponents everywhere.

Hearts, rummy, spades and, of course, blackjack are all popular games that can be found on many different sites.

The important question is – what game suits you and how do you intend to play it?

If you fancy the challenge against like-mined friends and opponents on social media, then you’ll find a game that suits you in no time. If, on the other hand, you like a serious gamble, then mainstream gambling sites are highly likely to have a card game you are more than familiar with. And, of course, you may just want a play, to test that old knowledge – free sites and apps have the card game for you.


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