Magical maths games for numerical ninjas

Whether your child is a fractions fiend, an angel with algebra, distracted by division, or stuck on subtraction, we’ve got the maths games they need. Jam packed with fun ideas for making maths more enjoyable and memorable, our app is designed to help numeracy learners of all ages master the key techniques required for mathematics throughout the curriculum through the use of gaming.

At school, new methods for working out problems are developed essentially by rote – learning the rule, and then using it over and over again to embed understanding. It’s an effective way of teaching, but doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm.

Here at Spider Solitaire Online, our aim is to create enjoyable, child-friendly maths games to encourage youngsters to practise their mathematical skills in a more relaxed, yet competitive arena. We’re constantly adding new features and games, ensuring there’s always something to capture their attention and imagination, and making mathematics their number one priority.

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Why is mathematics so important?

Maths is a part of everyday life, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s involved when we follow a recipe, or check bus and train timetables. It isn’t just about numbers – it covers telling the time, shape and space, measure, and fractions.

So whatever your child’s strengths and difficulties, they’re going to need to know mathematics simply to get through life. School can give them the fundamentals, but all the research shows that we learn best when we’re having fun. Enter stage left our maths games app – combining essential knowledge and understanding with a fun, engaging way of revising, revisiting and remembering all the mathematical rules and patterns your child will need.

Mathematics and memory

Regular practice helps keep your brain working at its best, and stops it forgetting little chunks of information. Brain training puzzles often include maths tasks, because short, fun, interesting activities help top up your memory and ability to solve problems – meaning that not only will our games help develop numeracy skills, but it’ll also help your little one improve their recall abilities – something they’ll be glad of later in life!

By using a smartphone, you’ll be enhancing their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, meaning they’ll find more fiddly tasks like writing, drawing, and technology easier when they’re in secondary school. Our app is available on all three major platforms – iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows – so no matter what technological equipment you provide, they can learn to their heart’s content.

Educational fun for all the family

Suitable and adaptable for every age range, our range of games covers every main topic area of maths including space and time, number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, and shape and measure. Not all of these will be suitable for your child straight away – depending on what stage of school they’re at, they might only need to access a few areas immediately, and use the others at a later point or as revision of basic knowledge. That’s because our app has been developed to support your child at every step of their mathematical journey, offering games to entice and delight no matter what the topic.

If you’d like to give your kids the best chance by making maths magical again, download our Maths Games app today and add a little excitement to their learning adventure.